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The Sparks Fly at Kelham Hall

dsc_7900 dsc_7909 dsc_7780Firework display on 06.11.16 at Kelham Hall. Fantastic and deservedly well supported by the public.The choreography inside the display was amazing to say the least. Thank you organisers on a splendid display. The fairgrounds attracted a lot of attention as did the music.

Northern Ireland Coastal Causeway and Surrounds

PinnaclesAn eye opening visit to the splendid countryside and towns, something to be witnessed personally if at all possible. This time of year (May/June) the weather was kind to us, but changed dramatically very quickly from rain to sun. Please view the page A Taste of Ireland to view a selection of the images from our visit. As suggested in the title this is a taste of a substantial feast of fantastic landscapes and views, and we will be returning for more!